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Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and taxation are one of the most critical business issues. The quality and accuracy of accounting determines reputation of the company, trust of partners and investors, assessment of the company reputation by the company auditors and revenue bodies.

1C is traditionally the leader on the Russian market of automatic solutions for accounting and tax management. After all, the most frequent task, which is a part of every automation project, is implementation of Accounting Subsystem based on settings of Enterprise Accounting 8 or Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8. This is no accident, as the main advantage of 1C solutions is strict compliance with the Russian laws and their timely updates, which is essential, when laws change so frequently.

Our specialists have necessary experience and competence to take care of the entire scope of regulatory accounting based on 1C platform:

  • Accounting policy build-up;
  • Cash flow accounting;
  • Fixed asset and intangible asset accounting;
  • Accounting of materials, goods, products, protective clothing, containers;
  • Cost accounting and costing;
  • Administration of agreements and mutual settlements with the companies;
  • Settlements with accountable persons, employees and founders; 
  • VAT accounting, tax payments;
  • Generating accounting and fiscal reports.

In our experience, implementation of 1C accounting and tax management subsystem, namely 1C: Enterprise Accounting 8, in the majority of cases does not require function customization.

Document management

Document management of the company is the most important management function, which determines the quality of work of all business processes in the company. We advise you to automate document management functions by installing 1C: Document Management. This information system will help you in such areas of your business as:

Record Management.

Accounting of the official company documents in compliance with the Russian laws, GOSTs, national and international record management practices. Incoming and outgoing documents: registration, consideration, study and execution of the incoming documents; agreement, approval, registration and mail-out of the outgoing documents.

Internal Documents

Processing all types of internal documents: regulatory and administrative, information and reference, HR, accounting, personal, operative and strategic.

File Register.

File register as to years, companies, subdivisions, types of documents, categories and shelf-life.

Business Processes.

Documents may be sent via a simple route: review, execution, agreement, approval, registration, study, authorization, or via a complex process.

Contract Management.

File auto-complete, internal and external approval, signature check, execution planning, tracking, renewal, contract termination, supplementary agreements.

1C: Document Management has the following service functions:


Simple and simple data exchange with accounting solution on 1C; Enterprise platform: web-services, e-mail, data-synchronization, external document management server (intradepartmental electronic document management).

Access Rights.

Access policies, clearance labels, delegation of rights, assignment of the rights of the subordinates to the supervisors, file encryption.

Report Consolidation

Corporate consolidated reports, as a rule, need to be generated for enterprises, holdings and companies with a complex management structure.

Our company carries out projects on automatic corporate reports using software products based on 1C platform and its partners:

  • 1С: Corporate Finance Management 
  • 1С: Consolidation
  • 1С: Holding Management
  • Etc.

These solutions ensure:

  • Gathering and consolidation of the accounting documents that are required to generate individual and consolidated forms of the management accounts;
  • Initial processing of the submitted data and verification of their integrity, consistency and lack of errors;
  • Financial consolidation based on individual reports of the companies in the group;
  • Generating necessary package of the management reports.
Occupational Safety Management

The main purpose of Occupational Safety AIS is to increase efficiency of informational, analytical and management activity of the Company by automating functional areas and business processes related to making managerial solutions and creating uniform model of corporate data, i.e.:

  • Implementing uniform approach to managing occupational safety, industrial, fire and environmental safety;
  • Quick and objective assessment of the Occupational Safety level;
  • Making managerial decisions more efficient;
  • Optimizing and monitoring budget use;
  • Reducing losses from accidents and incidents;
  • Reducing penalty-related losses.

Typical Circuit of the Functional Architecturebezopasnost.jpg

Ожидаемые результаты проекта АИС «Производственная Безопасность»

Production Management

Production is one of the most complex processes at any enterprise and it assumes major expenses on resources, both material and managerial. Solutions based on 1C platform ensure full control over the production processes from the moment the materials are released into production to the finished product stage:

  • Handling regulatory and reference information required for planning and accounting of the finished product output, inter alia, generating consumption rates for feedstock and auxiliary materials;
  • Planning and accounting of the finished product output;
  • Control over the production task performance;
  • Processing of the manufacturing orders;
  • Accounting of consumption of the feedstock and materials, goods-in-process;
  • Accounting of own and customer-furnished feedstock, materials, semi-finished and finished products;
  • Accounting of the defected goods;
  • Accounting of protective clothing and special rigging;
  • Accounting and analysis of production costs, calculation of planned and actual costs.

Each manufacturing enterprise has its own specifics, which make it unique. Deep knowledge of production control and planning subsystems helps us using the full scope of typical 1C solutions and take into account the specifics of the client’s production process. Such approach will help you to save money on the project and ensure timely updates of the system in use.

Functions of the production process management are implemented in 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8 and other 1 C industry solutions.


Companies that are going to work with the foreign partners and wish to work with the foreign partners publicly shall observe International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Today you can find both Russian and foreign developers offering their IFRS automation solutions on the Russian Market.

Our company carries out projects on automating IFRS reporting with the help of the software products based on 1C platform and its partners:

- 1С: Consolidation 

- 1С:Manufacturing Enterprise Management 

- 1С:ERP 2

- 1С:Holding Management

- Partner solutions of the company:

  • 1С: Corporate Finance Management;
  • Homnet IFRS;
  • Etc.

These solutions to a different extent (depending on the company needs) cover the entire process of reporting.

  • Generation (gathering) o initial data for transmission/ transformation in IFRS;
  • Automatic relay of data from RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) into IFRS (data transmission/ transformation);
  • IFRS correcting mechanisms;
  • IFRS report form generation.
  • Treasury management

    The main goals of the financial services with regard to the cash flow, as a rule, are improving financial solvency of the company, mitigating cash deficiency risks, and more rational use of cash. In the current economy the risk of non-payment is high, thus high quality cash flow management is critical.

    Our company uses a comprehensive approach to building an effective system of operational cash flow management, which includes:

    • Developing financial and economic planning;
    • Developing methods and regulations for performance of treasury functions;
    • Automating cash flow management process.

    Tasks that are solved by the Treasury management subsystems (our specialists make them automatic at the system start-up):

    • Processing budgeted revenues and spending requests;
    • Managing spending limits;
    • Payment schedule management;
    • Consolidation of planned and actual cash flow of business units in  the group of companies;
    • Preparing cash flow movement plans of business units in the group of companies;
    • Integration with control and accounting systems.

    Our company carries out projects on automating the Treasury Transactions using software products based on the platform of 1C and its partners:

    • 1С: Manufacturing Enterprise Management
    • 1С: Corporate Finance Management
    • 1С: Consolidation 
    • 1С: Holding Management
    • 1С:ERP 2
    • 1С: Trade Management
    • Etc.
    Reference Data Management

    Nowadays, most companies are equipped with several information systems of various application. It creates interaction difficulties in the companies, such as redundancy, inconsistency and inaccessibility of data. This way, major companies start to realize that they need central reference data management system (reference data systems), which uses uniform data. A reference data system may be a core of the integrated corporate information system.

    Cycle of works on standardizing reference books, building up unified structure of information, development of classification and coding systems precede integration of reference data system based on 1C. Such approach allows structuring and unifying all information, which is contained in the reference data system. 

    Our company has an in-house development that:

    • Ensures interexchange of uniform, comparative data company-wide; 
    • Eliminates redundancy of data input; 
    • Ensures clear and coherent process for creating and changing reference data. 

    Moreover, within the framework of Reference Data Management System implementation we can help you to prepare regulations on the Reference Data Management using ready-made templates.

    Payroll and HR management

    HR management is an activity that determine success and stability of the company. The main task of HR director is to form a team of professionals, who are loyal to the company, and who solve the assigned tasks in the most efficient manner.

    HR-director solves many tasks, such as development of the company’s corporate structure, competence management and employee training. Moreover, successful growth of an enterprise largely depends on financial incentive for the employees, which creates business-friendly atmosphere and motivates employees to contribute more to achieve success in the team activity.

    HR management and Payroll functions are very close and interrelated, therefor their automation is based on a typical solution - 1С:Payroll and HR Management 8. There are also comprehensive solutions that include the above units– “1С:ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 2”, “Manufacturing Enterprise Management”, “1С: Comprehensive Automation 8” etc.

    We will help you to accomplish the following tasks:

    • Payroll calculation and accounting 
    • Personnel records and personal record-keeping 
    • Payments and depositing
    • Computation of taxes and insurance premiums
    • Preparing regulated reports
    • Accounting of activities of several companies 
    • Recruiting employees based on Internet search of the candidates 
    • Grades and KPI
    • Accounting of expenses as to lines and projects
    • Occupational safety, permits, medical examinations, briefings
    Management Accounting and Budgeting

    In the current economy, it is next to impossible to ensure effective operation of the company, release of current assets, reduction of loan exposure, maximize profit unless you have a budgeting system.

    1C solutions make budgeting transparent and automatic on all levels of reporting. Unlike autonomous budgeting systems, 1 C solutions, thanks to close integration with the accounting systems, give an option for online plan-fact analysis of budget execution and possibility to use historical data to generate a budget.

    If you are currently using MS Excel tools for budgeting, transition to 1C solutions will be a logical next step in developing the budgeting system, which will significantly automate the processes and expand the level of control and management. If necessary, it is possible to transfer the company’s current budgeting model from MS Excel to 1С.

    With automated budgeting based on 1C platform You will:

    • Consolidate budgeting processes for all business units in the consolidated information area;
    • Automate planning processes from “top to bottom” and from “bottom to top”;
    • Automate the accounting process for intra-group settlements 
    • Model various budget indicators and scenarios and compare them between each other;
    • Independently set up approval routes required for a walkthrough;
    • Monitor the budgeting process with a break-down to a document level for the plan, execution and actual data;

    Our company carries out projects on automating budgeting and management accounting using software products based on 1 C platform:

    • 1С: Finance Management
    • 1С: Consolidation
    • 1С: Holding Management
    • 1С:ERP 2
    • Etc.


    The above project goals will be achieved thanks to methods, development and design of Occupational Safety AIS that are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Company activity due to business process automation and optimization.

    We identify the following key factors in particular:

    • Improving quality (accuracy, authenticity, timely nature, uniformity) of the gathered managerial information on activity indicators, which improves the quality of the decisions.
    • Uniform management based on uniform information. 
    • Structuring and unification of the stored data and their access procedure. 
    • Increasing operating availability of data. 
    • Customized access to information.
    • Ensuring uniform system of procedures for generating management reports.
    • Reducing time spent on processing various and large volume sources of information, used in the process of analysis.
    • Cutting down on the number of systems used to draw up analytical reports. 
    • Simplification of the internal control procedures, process for generating analytical reports.
    • A possibility for the users to implement developed, smart tools for graph and table data representation. A possibility of flexible set-up and expansion of the range of reports and analytical forms, reporting indicators.
    • Improving reliability of the data storage.
    • Protecting data from unauthorized access.


    IT support (ITS) of  "1С: Enterprise" Price in case of continuous renewal of agreement for 1С:ITS
    Cost, RUB
    Price in case of renewal of agreement for 1C: ITS after a break 
    Cost, RUB 
    ITS PROF (1 month) 4015 4 818
    ITS PROF (3 months) 8 031 9 636
    ITS PROF (6 months) 15 600 18 600
    ITS PROF (12 months) 29 664
    35 592
    ITS PROF (24 months) 53 395

    ITS TECHNO (6 months) 6 546

    7 854
    ITS TECHNO (12 months) 12 528

    15 036


    Frequently asked questions

    You can find answer to your questions in the knowledge database. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please, do not hesitate to ask our on-line consultants in the chat or write a request to the support system using the  ticket system.


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    1С: Enterprise 8 Integration

    We have extensive experience in implementing projects of various difficulty, and we strongly recommend implementing 1C: Enterprise 8 in big enterprises and in structurally complex holdings.

    1С: Enterprise 8 Support

    Within the framework of the information system support, we will help you to solve the following tasks:

    • Support of current solutions operability;
    • Advisory services for the users in program operations;
    • Adaptation of functions upon the customer’s request;
    • Administering application servers and DBMS;
    • Control and management of the system performance.

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