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IT support of 1С programs (TECHNO and PROF versions)

Software configurations will be effective for business only if they are continuously supported and updated. CorpSoft24 together with the developer of 1C platform is ready to provide a full scope of services required for that.

Prices and Penalties

We are interested in providing high quality services, therefore our agreements stipulate transparent pricing pattern with automatic fine accrual in case of failure to observe SLA parameters.

Scope of services

At customer’s request, the agreement may specify the scope of services rendered – subscription support. In this case, the rate will be lower than basic.

Incident priority

Determine importance and urgency of the problem based on the measured parameters. For instance, number of users affected by the incident.

Deadlines for Incident Response and Troubleshooting

Incident priority determines the time of troubleshooting start and end.

Competent specialists from various fields

One specialist is not always capable of solving all tasks. Therefore, the outsourcing company assigns requests to the specialists that are more qualified to solve the particular task. Meanwhile, the system support and development are monitored by the responsible specialist, and in case of major information systems – by the system architect.

Among the main criteria of the service level of the business application support is the speed of the incident troubleshooting. We provide our services to the clients under a Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLA stipulates such parameters as

Fast Build-up of the Engaged Resources

Any company might have a situation, when it is necessary to perform a major task on information system support. In this case, the outsourcing company may quickly build-up resources provided to the company.

Cost Efficiency

If the specialists on staff are not busy working on the tasks 100% of the time due to lack of work, you can cut your costs as you do not have to pay for the forced downtime of the specialists. In case of outsourcing, you pay only for the actual time spent on solving specific tasks.

No overhead costs. If you do not have staff specialists that support information system there is no need in overhead costs, such as: workstation lease, communication, equipment etc. Moreover, you do not have to pay for vacation time or sick leaves.

Business Application Support

Our support of the information systems includes:

  • Support operability of the existing solutions;
  • Advisory services for the users with regard to program operations;
  • Customization of functionality;
  • Administering of server applications and DBMS;
  • Control and management of the system performance.

We may outsource our employees in addition to your IT unit, or create an IT unit. Our clients enjoy the following advantages, when they outsource the support of the business applications:


The above project goals will be achieved thanks to methods, development and design of Occupational Safety AIS that are aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Company activity due to business process automation and optimization.

We identify the following key factors in particular:

  • Improving quality (accuracy, authenticity, timely nature, uniformity) of the gathered managerial information on activity indicators, which improves the quality of the decisions.
  • Uniform management based on uniform information. 
  • Structuring and unification of the stored data and their access procedure. 
  • Increasing operating availability of data. 
  • Customized access to information.
  • Ensuring uniform system of procedures for generating management reports.
  • Reducing time spent on processing various and large volume sources of information, used in the process of analysis.
  • Cutting down on the number of systems used to draw up analytical reports. 
  • Simplification of the internal control procedures, process for generating analytical reports.
  • A possibility for the users to implement developed, smart tools for graph and table data representation. A possibility of flexible set-up and expansion of the range of reports and analytical forms, reporting indicators.
  • Improving reliability of the data storage.
  • Protecting data from unauthorized access.


IT support (ITS) of  "1С: Enterprise" Price in case of continuous renewal of agreement for 1С:ITS
Cost, RUB
Price in case of renewal of agreement for 1C: ITS after a break 
Cost, RUB 
ITS PROF (1 month) 4015 4 818
ITS PROF (3 months) 8 031 9 636
ITS PROF (6 months) 15 600 18 600
ITS PROF (12 months) 29 664
35 592
ITS PROF (24 months) 53 395

ITS TECHNO (6 months) 6 546

7 854
ITS TECHNO (12 months) 12 528

15 036


Frequently asked questions

You can find answer to your questions in the knowledge database. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please, do not hesitate to ask our on-line consultants in the chat or write a request to the support system using the  ticket system.


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We choose

1С: Enterprise 8 Integration

We have extensive experience in implementing projects of various difficulty, and we strongly recommend implementing 1C: Enterprise 8 in big enterprises and in structurally complex holdings.

1С: Enterprise 8 Support

Within the framework of the information system support, we will help you to solve the following tasks:

  • Support of current solutions operability;
  • Advisory services for the users in program operations;
  • Adaptation of functions upon the customer’s request;
  • Administering application servers and DBMS;
  • Control and management of the system performance.

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