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Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a company without IT-infrastructure, which successful operation, sometimes, requires whole IT-departments. Not every company can afford to hire that many competent employees. In such situations, it makes sense to enter into IT support agreement with reliable supplier of outsourcing services.

CorpSoft24 offers a full range of services on support, maintenance and repair of your computer equipment and software, corporate network management.

We offer:

  • Outsourcing of IT-system support
  • IT-unit outsourcing
  • Maintenance of the equipment
  • Support of business applications.


  • The company will be assigned a qualified specialist, whose service fee will be several times below the market value.
  • We provide support and maintenance 24/7 with no vacation time, sick leaves or any other breaks in the work process.
  • CorpSoft24 specialists will set-up IT infrastructure to make the probability of a failure to be as little as zero, and then provide scheduled maintenance.
  • If necessary, CorpSoft24 may provide experts in rare fields.


Need some advice?

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The main goal of IT audit is to give professional assessment of the existing IT-infrastructure of the company and to make recommendations on improving its efficiency.

Recommendations developed based on the IT-audit will help the company to:

  • Cut down costs on support and use of IT-systems;
  • Increase reliability and safety of IT-systems;
  • Improve performance of IT-systems.



  • It is organized based on information technologies: communications service providers, banks, insurance companies etc.
  • It has extensive IT-infrastructure: manufacturing and commercial companies with a large number of branches etc.
  • It requires restructuring etc.

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