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You may lease Microsoft software in the cloud under SaaS 

Microsoft software lease in the cloud under SaaS (Software as a Service) is a convenient way to use licensed Microsoft programs. 

Microsoft software lease helps you to cut down expenses on the purchase of the Microsoft business applications, and makes your business mobile and flexible. Licenses are activated almost instantaneously.


Microsoft software is on the server in the data center and is accessed via secure Internet connection. That means that you can access Microsoft software at any time in any place with an Internet connection. 



  • No capital investments in expensive licensed software;
  • You may accurately calculate your monthly lease expenses;
  • Number of leased licenses may be easily changed;
  • On default, the hosting provider monitors Microsoft software updates;
  • We guarantee that we use only licensed software 




Office Standard / Professional Plus

RUB 615 / 840 a month per user 

SQL Server Web Edition

RUB 448 a month per 2 processors

SQL Server Standard Core

RUB 7,170 a month per 2 processors

SQL Server Enterprise Core

RUB 27,495 a month per 2 processors 

Exchange Standard

RUB 105 a month per user

Exchange Std Plus

RUB 179 a month per user

Exchange Enterprise

RUB 205 a month per user

Exchange Ent Plus

RUB 268 a month per user

Exchange Basic

RUB 30 a month per user

SharePoint Server Std SAL Corporate Standard

RUB 145 a month per user

SharePoint Server Enterprise SAL Corporate Standard

RUB 128 a month per user

SharePoint Server Corporate Standard

RUB 45,862 a month per server 

System Center Datacenter 1Proc Corporate Standard

RUB 2,404 a month per physical processor


You can find answer to your questions in the knowledge database. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please, do not hesitate to ask our on-line consultants in the chat or write a request to the support system using the ticket system.


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Cloud FZ-152

Data controllers using “Cloud FZ-152” do not have to pay for designing and supporting secure infrastructure to comply with the requirements of Federal Law (FZ) 152.

  • "Cloud FZ-152 is a secure, certified and licensed “cloud” for Information System for Personal Data (ISPD) placement;
  • Virtualization engines are certified: hypervisors of computational resources, management system for virtualized data transmission network, virtualization platform and data storage system;
  • There are security services (based on certified security facilities), which may be used for moving your ISPD into the cloud.


CorpSoft24 Backup is a cloud backup solution that ensures reliable storage of any data scope.

  • No agents. It does not need to be administered or updated.
  • Maximum coverage for applications and systems that can be backed up.
  • You pay only for the used Gbytes of storage, regardless of the number of servers and points for backup.
  • Low network traffic. The changes are compressed during transmission.
  • Strong encryption. Only the client has the key, the provider does not have access to data.
  • Supports VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer for physical and virtual environment.
  • Support of public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Inexpensive Disaster Recovery (restoration after destruction).
  • In case of service failure, the client services will be up within the specified deadlines. Ensuring access to the services from the client’s stations.