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1C-Bitrix: Corporate portal is a system for management of the internal corporate information that provides an opportunity for teamwork of employees on projects and documents.

1C-Bitrix: Corporate portal is one of the most efficient tools for development and control of intercommunications. Implement this system, and you will:
  • Improve internal and external communications in the company
  • Organize team work on tasks, projects and separate documents 
  • Systematize work time scheduling and logging 
  • Receive CRM functions with information about the clients and sales 
  • Automate business processes in the company 
  • Be able to use applications for Bitrix24 
  • Be able to integrate with 1С, Microsoft, Google, Apple
  • Receive scalable, safe and reliable system 


Upload 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal to CorpSoft24 cloud and you will get all advantages of the box version of the product, which you do not get, when you use 1C Bitrix24 in the 1C cloud. 

Why does it make sense to use 1 C Bitrix: Corporate Portal in CorpSoft24 cloud?

You may: 
  • Change the code in accordance with the requirements of your business;
  • Integrate your portal with 1С:Payroll and HR Management;
  • Create separate portal for various company departments, using “Multidepartment” function;
  • Synchronize calendars, tasks, and contacts on the portal with MS Exchange Server using Connector to MS Exchange Server 2007/201;
  • Use Connector to MS SharePoint for two-direction integration with your portal;
  • Centralize management of the user groups using Active Directory / LDAP of the Integrator;
  • Protect your portal by placing it in the CorpSoft24 cloud, built on highly-reliable corporate level infrastructure;
  • Be confident in the guaranteed uptime of Your corporate portal - SLA 99.9%;
  • 24х7 support with a personal manager.

Not sure yet? Then study information about additional advantages of work with CorpSoft24. 


Save work time:  
  • You will cut down expenses on the search of information required at the moment;
  • You will minimize corporate information losses;
  • Company business processes will be much faster;
  • There will be no communication problems between employees;
  • New employees will adapt faster. 
Make your employees’ work more efficient: 
  • Employees will know what is going on in the company and subdivisions;
  • Work experience will accumulate in the corporate knowledge base;
  • Employees will resort to accumulated knowledge on multiple occasions and they will pass it throughout the company;
  • Work groups may work together on the projects and documents;
  • Employees will continuously learn and complete advance training.
Optimize your business processes:  
  • All requests will be continuously processed by the responsible employees 
  • Employees will jointly work on documents by using document flow system
  • Your company will cut costs on transaction speed;  
  • Horizontal links between the subdivisions will be more efficient;
  • You will not need business trips, if your company has offices in multiple locations. 
Ensure control and management:  
  • Operations of all company subdivisions will be transparent
  • Internal written correspondence between the employees will be under control;
  • Internet access can be limited or disconnected;   
  • Internal messaging system on the portal will replace ICQ and other instant messengers;
  • You can monitor, when your employees are working or not working;  
  • You can give feedback to your employees quicker and in a more efficient way. 
Improve quality of the managerial solutions: 
  • Joint plans may be discussed and corrected in work groups;
  • Internal communication will be much more efficient;  
  • Result of the employees; and subdivisions’ work will be more transparent;
  • Employees will find solutions to typical business problems in the corporate knowledge base.
Make your business efficient:  
  • Improve quality of work and service level for the company clients;  
  • Enhance competitive ability of the company on the market;  
  • You will improve company image in the eyes of employees, clients, partners and investors.



Work in 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal with pleasure –just like in a social network. Work on the projects together and discuss anything in a real-time environment. Use conventional tools for communication, management of tasks, documents, work time and other services. All tools in one place – in the interactive Live Chat. Invite your colleagues to the group business chat, talk to them like n the phone and video chat, write messages, work together on editing the same document. Contact your offline colleagues by calling his mobile from 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal. Call your clients’ landlines directly from CRM using in-built telephony. Work together with your partners in Extranet – on secure or neutral territory.




Manage tasks and projects using convenient tools. Task functionality includes integration with the calendars, mechanism of delegating, check-lists, ready task templates, filter constructor and tasks in the Extranet for work with the partners. Monitor timely execution of tasks in the subdivisions, thus helping your employees to observe the deadlines. Take into account time and other resources required for the task performance. Monitor task progress under the project using Gantt diagram: the total number of tasks available, how many of them have been completed and how many of them are still in progress, what tasks are overdue, and what tasks are without a deadline. Evaluate work with the tasks from the reports on people/units/projects.Summarize your work results for the month – for the unit and each employee.task_time.png 



Connect Bitrix24.Disk and manage your work files from your computer and directly from Bitrix24. Connect folders with the company files and group disks to your Disk, give access to our colleagues and work with the files together. Share documents with the colleagues, discuss them in the Live Chat, obtain external links for them for social networks and partners. 

Work with documents in Bitrix24, even when you do not have office software. Using Google Docs and MS Office Online external online services, you may open, view and edit any files of popular formats directly on the portal. Edit any documents on the portal using native applications, installed on your computer. All change history is stored, and you can always restore a previous version of the document, and you can easily find the document you need through the internal search. 



Activate work time logging in Bitrix24 to improve discipline in the company. Employees will clock in and clock out at the beginning and end of the business day, for breaks, plan tasks for the day. Work time log report is generated based on these data for the management. Work time log reports will be generated for the management based on these data. These reports will also account for the time required to perform certain tasks. 

Plan events in the Calendar. Upload it to your mobile phone or the tablet, so it is always with you, even when you are on the road. Gather colleagues for a meeting right from the Live Chat. Carry it out efficiently using internal meeting service. The service will help to quickly invite the participants, automatically mail-out the agenda and results of discussion, create events in personal calendars and set objectives based on results of the meeting. 




Maintain database of contacts and companies you work with in your CRM. Manage your leads and transactions from any device, including mobile. Record all events (calls, letters, meetings), bill your clients, build reports and purchase funnel. Plan your tasks without leaving CRM. Create tasks. Use business processes for lead and transaction processing, mail out letters and call clients directly from CRM to the landline.

Activate integration with 1 C, and your CRM will always have an up-to-date goods catalog, fresh price list and accurate data on the leftover of the goods at the warehouse. Integrate CRM with an online-store, and your managers will handle and follow up on transactions from CRM until they are successfully completed. Link any web-form on the web-site with your Bitrix24 and the data from that web-form will be automatically sent to CRM. 




Manage your company structure visually. With a click of a mouse, you can “drag” an employee into a different apartment, add a new one, and change the manger. Find out, who is above this employee, find it through the search, quickly receive all data on him from his personal page, contact him through the portal, and find a telephone number in the address book. Synchronize contacts from the portal with the mobile phone, MS Outlook and other applications to stay always in touch. 

Find out, who is missing in the company, who is on a business trip, and who is on maternity leave. Distribute vocation leaves of the employees using vocation time schedule. Post announcement in the Live Chat with a must-read condition. Create questionnaires to find out opinions of the colleagues, approve documents, carry out a research or simply vote for anything. Track activity of the portal tool use by the employees or the company upon the whole. Reward employees with badges and congratulate them on holidays. 




Use the portal to manage different business processes in the company: anything from order shipment to interaction with the partner network or clients. Use ready-made templates of the business processes or create your own in the visual designer. Make your routine operations automatic: draw up paperwork for business trips, vocations, approval and payment of bills, publication of formal orders and instructions.

Automate document flow in the company using Universal Lists. Take into account all incoming documents and set up their stage-by-stage processing: starting from receipt of the documents by the secretary to approval by the management and archiving. Make Lead and Transaction processing automatic using business processes. Include all possible actions on the CRM element in the business process: send letters, appoint responsible people, assign tasks to employees etc. 




Install desktop application (for Mac or Windows) to talk to the colleagues, even if the browser with Bitrix24 is closed. Talk to your colleagues: call them through Bitrix24 and on the mobile phones, invite them in the group chat, including video chat, view message history. Receive most important notifications about new events in the Live Chat, likes and comments to them, about the set tasks and course of their implementation. Upload Bitrix24.Disk from the desktop application and work with Bitrix24 files from any device. 



Install mobile application (iOS, Android) and work with the portal from the tablet or a smart-phone: read and comment on the “Live Chat”; manage documents, tasks and files. Manage CRM client base, schedule meetings with the colleagues in the calendar, let others know that you are attending new events. Do many other things, for instance, send photos directly from your phone to the live chat. Push-notifications allow you to keep track of events in the company and always be in touch with the colleagues. 



  • The product can be integrated with many applications from the leading software developers. 
  • Integration with MS Office, MS Office Online
  • Integration with GoogleDocs
  • Integration with MS Outlook (contacts, calendars)
  • Integration with Google (contacts, calendars)
  • Integration with MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Connector with MS Exchange Server 2007/2010
  • Integration with MS Exchange Web Mail
  • Connector with MS SharePoint
  • Integration with 1C: Payroll and HR Management
  • Active Directory/LDAP Integrator + NTLM




Bitrix24 is a safe product for joint work. Your data will be reliably stored and only you will have access to it in accordance with the user right system. Your employees may easily open Bitrix24 in the cafes, malls, airports – in the non-secure environment via WiFi or a mobile phone. Criminals will not intercept their passwords to use them for their benefit. All connections to Bitrix24 use SSL certificate, which ensures safety of your corporate information and password protection. Bitrix24 ensures maximum protection from various security threats. Proactive filter (WAF - Web Application Firewall) protects against majority known attacks on web-applications.  



License for “1C-Bitrix24” (Corporate portal, 25 users) 

RUB 219,500  

License for “1C Corporate Portal/ Holding” (25 users) 

RUB 549,500 

Extension of the license to the Corporate Portal/Holding for an additional user 

The minimum number of additional users required or purchase is 5 additional users.

RUB 1,500 

License extension.Corporate Portal/Holding)unlimited number of users

Unlimited number of users. The cost does not depend on the product edition.

RUB 659,000 

Potential discounts. Find out Your personal discount from our managers.


What are the minimum requirements to 1C-Bitrix24: Corporate Portal? Bitrix24 in the box is developed in PHP computer programming language and may efficiently work on any UNIX and Windows-platform. Applicable databases: MySQL, Oracle, OracleXE, MSSQL, MSSQL Express 

Do you have a ready-made template for installation? We did everything possible to save your time – we set up a ready-made template to install Bitrix24, which may be used to create virtual server for Bitrix24. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide on launching 1C-Bitrix: Corporate Portal in our knowledge base.  

What browsers may we use? Bitrix-24-based portal supports all modern browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome. Visual HTML editor built in the product is compatible with all popular browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 and later versions, Mozilla FireFox 3.6 and later versions, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari. 

Can we test Bitrix24? Of course, you can. You may use free trial version and assess how Bitrix24 works, as well as service level from CorpSoft24.

File a request for a free trial version

Please, do not hesitate to ask our specialists any questions about work with Bitrix24.


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