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Our company is ready to assess your information solutions and carry out multi-dimensional independent 1C audit, which will give you answers to the most important questions: 

  • Quick identification of problems and malfunctions in the operation of the information system, and their containment.
  • Increase in efficiency of the current information system, when expanding business.
  • Correct choice of hardware and software solutions. 
  • Advantages

    Answering to the questions above 1C the audit helps to achieve the following goals:

  • To assess coverage of the business tasks by 1C functionality 
  • To assess quality and time input in the settings of 1C solutions, their compliance with the initial technical task
  • To give high quality assessment of the hardware and software complexes performance
  • To provide flexible setting-up of the information system to increase its efficiency
  • To identify bottlenecks in the current information system and to analyse their impact on the general performance of 1C
  • To prepare full list of available errors and problems, and provide troubleshooting solutions and possible effects from suggested changes
  • To prepare a list of routine procedures aimed at supporting future good performance of the system. 
  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions

    You can find answers to your questions in the knowledge database. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please, do not hesitate to ask our on-line consultants in the chat or write a request to the support system using the  ticket system.


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    We choose

    1С: Enterprise 8 Integration

    We have extensive experience in implementing projects of various difficulty, and we strongly recommend implementing 1C: Enterprise 8 in big enterprises and in structurally complex holdings.

    1С: Enterprise 8 Support

    Within the framework of the information system support, we will help you to solve the following tasks:

    • Support of current solutions operability;
    • Advisory services for the users in program operations;
    • Adaptation of functions upon the customer’s request;
    • Administering application servers and DBMS;
    • Control and management of the system performance.

    We also specialize in: